Rachel Jourdan Haye by Gabriella K Photography

I have been working in marketing for over 10 years and have both B2B and B2C experience. I have managed brand development, email campaigns, content generation, editorial calendars, social media, and graphic design projects–sometimes all at once.

Being an analytical thinker means I am willing to ask tough questions, because there is always opportunity for positive change and growth. I always evaluate vendors and processes to save time, money, or both as it relates to what I do and beyond.

My software knowledge includes Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, plus Excel, Word, and Powerpoint (and the Mac and Google Doc equivalents). I have experience with WordPress, Joomla, and Hubspot and am adept at working on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Historically, I have thrived where my role is a multi-faceted medley of responsibilities. If you give me a task to get done, I will do what it takes to deliver by the deadline. I am not very tolerant of wasted money, laziness, lack of a desire to learn and better oneself, or bad coffee. I love leaving a company better than it was when I joined it, puppies, Pantone books, and checking things off my to do list.

Want to learn more about me? Read on. If my work interests you more than my love for puppies, you can check that out here.